Locomotor impairments and musculoskeletal disorders are ones of the most disability causes at European level. Besides, many of their manifestations have important consequences in the quality of life of citizens, as well as becoming a socioeconomic challenge for Public Health Systems.

In some EU countries, more than 40% of social and sanitary compensations for lost working days are due to these injuries. Many of these injuries present an unspecific origin or it is not possible to find an organic alteration that justifies them. Very often conventional diagnostic techniques do not show apparent injuries at organic level. This situation forces clinicians to work in uncertain situations. The absence of objective tools to assist clinicians in the determination of the real bodily harm of patients, produces, in some cases, incorrect evaluations and inappropriate treatments, with a negative impact on the public Health Systems and patients.


The main objectives and challenges of the AREYOUFINE? project are:

  • To develop, implement and set the basis for a new Body Knowledge, focused on the new biomechanical analysis methodologies, in order to improve clinical assessment of the main prevalent musculoskeletal disorders in Europe, adapting this knowledge to different professional realities and the multiform requirements of legal framework in various EU countries.
  • To contribute to improve the management of the involved resources, incorporating new complementary methods to traditional ones while developing a shared language and knowledge across different regulations and legal assessment methods.
  • To provide new and highly required training resources for all the professionals involved in the bodily harm assessment at the European level, integrating concepts of biomechanics, legal and forensic medicine and laws.
  • To propose a training and learning methodology and a contents structure based on previously identified needs of all relevant targeted stakeholders.
  • To propose new harmonization contents and validate them to EU countries’ realities. All the main results obtained will be offered with none restriction.
  • To develop online courses in English, Spanish, Italian and Polish that will be oriented to medical doctors working in insurance companies, hospitals, regulatory entities and legal experts focused on personal injury.


AREYOUFINE? project consortium ensures the achievement of the objectives thanks to their complementary skills: On one hand, IBV will offer its expertise in biomechanics, USC in legal medicine and pedagogical methodologies, CIOP in occupational health and SSSUP in laws at European level applied to this field. On the other hand, CEREDOC will put the consortium in contact with European professionals of personal injury assessment, and IALM with international legal medicine experts. Finally, IBV will be in charge of the definition and hosting of the e-learning platform.